Did you know that average college-aged students need 7-9 continuous hours of sleep each night for optimal health and academic or athletic functioning?  

Busy schedules and residential living can make achieving this ideal challenging, but there are many things you can do to sleep smart!

If you're having trouble getting sufficient sleep after making adjustments to your routine, reach out to us in Student Wellness or Health Services to discuss how we can help support your sleep.

Remember: Pulling all nighters, or not getting enough sleep regularly, takes a toll on academic performance.  If you want A's, be sure to get your Zzz's!


Sleep Information + Tips

It is common to experience difficulty acheiving restful sleep, quieting a racing mind, or unwinding from the day. However, rest is one of the key ways to boost our immunity, improve cognitive function & memory, recharge our mental health, and ground ourselves.

Please see the resources below to help you achieve more restful sleep:

Meditations + Music for Sleep

Sometimes it can be difficult to quiet our minds when it is time to rest. Tools like calming music or meditations can be helpful aids in acheiving restful sleep.