COVID-19 Resources

Keeping Well with COVID-19

We recognize the impacts COVID-19 may have in your daily life related to well-being and the range of emotions that all of our communities have been and continue to experience.In light of this, we firmly believe that now, perhaps more than ever, is the time to be working towards better well-being. As we continue to navigate this time, we are here for you. 

We have curated resources, activities, and exercises to help support you. By cultivating healthy coping skills, we can feel more connected and in tune with our environments, bodies, and the present moment, in an otherwise uncertain time.

Resources for Students On-Campus

We recognize that being on-campus during this time looks very differently from your past experiences at Wellesley; classrooms are set up different; campus isn't bustling as usual; and we have had to be flexible in adapting to the ever changing news.

However, we want to remind you that you are not alone in this experience. Near or far, your Wellesley community is always with you to support one another. Below are some resources we have put together to help support you during this time, particularly with regard to your wellbeing.

Though things may be uncertain and feel out of control, finding ways (however small) to feel more in control of our environments, more in tune with our bodies, and more connected to the present moment are helpful coping skills.

As a reminder, should you have any questions, please feel free to submit a question or contact us.

Staying active in your dorm room:

Nutrition and eating:

Community immunity:

  • While living in residence halls, it is important to remember to take care of yourself and your community through healthy habits for community immunity.
    • Watch this video featuring the Balance Health Educators as they discuss tips for staying healthy!

Cultivating connections:

Please note:code of conduct has been developed to provide community standards and guidance for students remaining in residence on campus.

Food + Nutrition Resources

During this very difficult time of uncertainty and transition, you may be searching for ways to feel empowered and connected with others. While you are unable to be shoulder-to-shoulder with your peers, faculty or College staff on campus, we are nonetheless here for you.

Motivation + Productivity

Switching to remote and hybrid learning can be a big learning curve. You may also find your motivation and concentration affected due to higher levels of stress related to the COVID-19 crisis.

To help you stay productive during a time of challenge, check out these tips:

  • Get into a routine
    • Use a planner/scheduling tool to help you stay organized
    • Create daily and weekly schedules for yourself; include breaks and meals
    • Plan fun things when you hit your goals
      • I.e. Call a friend or watch a new episode of your favorite TV show
    • Get up and go to sleep at the same time each day
  • Engage in healthy movement
  • Connect with others
  • Maintain perspective
    • Focus on one task at a time
    • Remember your why
      • Why is your education important to you?
      • How is it helping your future goals?
      • Why are you passionate about your chosen subjects?
    • Remember that this too shall pass and this way of learning is temporary 
    • Be proud of yourself and celebrate, being able to finish the year amidst all of this is amazing!
Recovery + Substance Use Resources

We know that recovery is often built on being in community and supporting one another, and during the Coronavirus pandemic, this is challenged by social distancing. However, we have compiled online/digital resources to help support your recovery during this time.

Alcoholics Anonymous

SMART Recovery

Narcotics Anonymous

Other Resources

Sleep Resources

It is very common to experience difficulty sleeping, quieting a racing mind, or unwinding from the day with everything going on in the world around us. However, rest is one of the key ways to boost our immunity, recharge our mental health, and ground ourselves.

Please see the resources below to help you achieve more restful sleep:

Additional Wellness Resources

Please see below for additional resources and support:

Submit a Wellness Question

Though we are currently virtual, we are still here to support you and answer your questions!

Please fill out this form and a member of the Office of Student Wellness will respond to your question. All questions are reviewed on Wednesdays and answers will be posted by end of day Friday of the week they were received. All questions will be archived on our OSW website.

Please note: This is intended for Wellesley College student use only. Members of OSW are not confidential resources and this form is not intended for urgent or emergency situations; if you need urgent help, please dial 911 or contact Wellesley College Police at 781-283-5555.