The Wellesley Students' Aid Society makes loans and grants directly to students to assist with expenses related to education and emergency needs.

However, the assistance the Students' Aid Society provides is not strictly financial. Each year, all new students on financial aid receive "Welcome to Wellesley" gifts and a $100 credit to the College bookstore toward the purchase of textbooks.

International students on financial aid are given towels, sheets, and blankets.

Dictionaries are loaned to any student who needs one. Students in need of warm clothing or an interview suit can enhance their wardrobes at the Clothes Closet, which is full of donated clothes of all sizes and styles.

The Students' Aid Society also provides emergency loans to students in need. Some examples of past loans are:

  • Eyeglass repair
  • Graduate school application fees
  • Travel home for family emergencies
  • Diagnostic tests for learning disabilities
  • Training of a service dog for a physically challenged student
  • Transportation for a job interview in New York City
  • Fees for rabies shots and malaria pills for a semester in South Africa.