seated audience watches a Tanner presentation

When is the Tanner Application open for submissions?

August 1, 2017 (closing on Sept. 6 at noon)

When is the Tanner Conference?

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017, from 9:15 am - 4:10 pm at Wellesley College Science Center.

How do I Apply for the Tanner Conference?

You can access the online application by clicking here.

When is the Deadline for Applying?

Wednesday, September 6, 2017, at noon (no LATE applications will be excepted)

Who Should Apply to Present at Tanner?

The Tanner Conference Committee welcomes applications from all students who would like to share their off-campus learning with the College community. The Committee uses the term "off-campus learning" because it encompasses many types of experiences, including internships, research conducted away from Wellesley, Study Abroad, 12 College Exchange, 3 College Collaboration, and Wintersession Programs.

Are Non-Students Allowed to Participate in Tanner?

Yes. While Tanner is primarily a forum for Wellesley College students, some presentations can be greatly enhanced by the participation of faculty, alumnae, and members of the larger community. At times, faculty organize their own panels and roundtable discussions. Students may invite community leaders to participate on panels if the topic reflect College-community partnerships, such as service-learning programs.

I Had an Internship This Summer, but It Was Not Sponsored by Wellesley. Am I Eligible to Apply?

Yes. We want to hear from all students, regardless of who funded their internship experience.

If I Submit an Individual Application, Will I Be Presenting Alone?

No. If you submit an individual presentation, you will be thematically grouped on a panel by the Tanner Conference Committee.

Am I Required to Have an Advisor?

Yes. It will be most helpful to you if you choose an advisor who is familiar with you as well as with the subject matter on which you want to present. This does not mean that s/he needs to be your major advisor, or even a faculty member. It could also be a staff member that you feel would be most appropriate to help you in preparing your presentation.

Am I Able to Display My Artwork at the Tanner Conference?

As a presenter, you can elect to display any visual aids to support your oral presentation in your designated presentation room. However, students can participate in the Tanner Conference through the sole display of their art work in public areas. These art exhibitors should have an advisor from the Art Department and have to stand by their display for the session that their exhibit is listed in the Tanner Conference Program in order to answer any questions from visitors.

Whom Should I Contact If I Need Help Finding an Advisor?

Please contact tanner@wellesley.edu if you are having difficulty identifying an advisor.

How Long Should My Presentation Be?

While planning your presentations, please keep in mind that the 70 minute sessions should be divided equally amongst the number of presenters and allow for a 10 minute discussion/Q&A period at the end of each session. Depending on the number of presenters your session should reflect the following breakdown:

  • 3 Presenters: 20 minutes each with 10 minutes Q&A
  • 4 Presenters: 15 minutes each with 10 minutes Q&A
  • 5 Presenters: 12 minutes each with 10 minutes Q&A
  • 6 Presenters: 10 minutes each with 10 minutes Q&A

How Do I Transfer My Powerpoint Presentation to the Computer That I Will Be Using at the Conference?

You may store your presentation on a USB drive (thumb drive), the campus network's 24-hour drop, or as an attachment to your Google apps for education account. As a backup, we recommend that you save your presentation in multiple formats to guarantee access on the day of the conference. In addition, be sure that your presentation works on the computer in your assigned room prior to the day of your presentation.

How Should I Dress?

Business casual.

Want to view a presentation?

Tanner 2016 Presentations

How do I learn public speaking techniques?

Tanner public speaking workshops will take place twice, you are encouraged to attend either meeting;

October 19 from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m and/or October 26 from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Additional Questions?

Email tanner@wellesley.edu

or Beth Robichaud, Assistant Director of Academic Conferences, erobicha@wellesley.edu