The Tanner Conference


Established through the generosity of Wellesley College trustee emerita Estelle “Nicki” Newman Tanner ’57, the Tanner Conference celebrates the relationship between the liberal arts classroom and student engagement in the world beyond the Wellesley College campus. In a typical year on the day of the conference, the entire Wellesley community can gather to learn from students about their participation in and learning from internships, civic engagement, study abroad and other opportunities. Presenters have the chance to reflect upon their experiences and share their insights and growth with their peers, while attendees learn about the ways in which such experiences can complement the classroom experience and clarify one’s interests and goals. Many students describe presenting at and attending Tanner as a highlight of their Wellesley experience.

For Tanner 2020 - the 20th anniversary of the Tanner Conference and a year like no other - the conference will use this year’s gathering to recognize and reflect on this remarkable and historical year of experiential learning for us all. The weeks of - October 19th -30th - will include a virtual Tanner Summit, allowing for campus-wide conversations, and a partnership with StoryCorps that emphasize reflection and interpersonal dialogue. While the format will look different, Tanner 2020 will emphasize, as the conference always does, reflection, engagement and a celebration of the learning that takes place outside of the classroom.



The Tanner Summit panels listed below are now available. Please view the the Tanner 2020 Summit playlist on YouTube.



Monday, October 19 at 3:00-4:00 p.m. EST

Moderator: President Paula Johnson

Ashley Anderson, DS '21, English and Creative Writing

Gaya Krishna '22, Neuroscience and French

Michaella Park '21, Environmental Studies and Architecture

Tarini Sinha '22, English and Women’s & Gender Studies



Tuesday, October 20 at 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. EST

Moderator: Erich Hatala Matthes, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Director, The Camilla Chandler Frost '47 Center for the Environment

Frannie Adams '21, Environmental Studies and Economics

Shukri Ali '21, Economics & Environmental Studies

Hannah Michaud '21 International Relations-History and Mathematics

Dani Pergola, '21, Biological Sciences



Wednesday, October 21 at 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. EST

Moderator: Brenna Greer, Associate Professor of History

Teran Chapis '22, Political Science

Iris Haastrup, '22, Architecture

Josephine Kim '20 History

Kindred Obas '19 English



Thursday, October 22 at 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. EST

Moderator: Jennifer Chudy, Knafel Assistant Professor of Social Sciences and Assistant Professor of Political Science

Caroline Alt '21, Political Science and History

Anna Mervosh ‘22, Political Science and Environmental Studies

Gabrielle Shlikas '22, Political Science and English


All members of the Wellesley College Community are invited to record a StoryCorps conversation reflecting on their experiential learning as it pertains to this years’ themes: The Pandemic, The 2020 Election, The Environmental Changes, and The Fight for Racial Justice.


We are launching an exciting partnership with StoryCorps, inviting all students, faculty, and staff to record (available until the end of 2020) an interview with another member of our community reflecting on this past year and our individual experiences relating to one of the four themes. As always, StoryCorps interviews are archived in the Library of Congress as intimate markers of history accessible to future generations. These conversations, which we will save, with participant permission, in the College Archives, uphold the spirit and goals of the Tanner Conference: to reflect upon powerful personal experiences, to share those reflections with others, and to give our peers the gift of listening. They will also capture, for the future, snapshots of a remarkable historical moment for us as individuals, for our institution.


The directions and details to recording a StoryCorps interview are in the documents below:

How do I record an interview? Follow these simple instructions

Who should I choose as my interview partner? What should I ask them? Review our discussion guide

I have a question! Check out our FAQ

How do I conduct an interview?  7-Minute Masterclass on Interviewing!

If you would like to participate and are under the age of 18, please email before proceeding.




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