Global Flora

Greenhouse demolition
Greenhouse demolition
Greenhouse construction
Durant camellia in protective cage
steel structure is complete
Topping out ceremony
Topping out ceremony
Topping out ceremony
Topping out ceremony

Interior of Global Flora, artist's conception

Global Flora:
Rehousing and re-imagining the permanent collections in the Margaret C. Ferguson Greenhouses


The Global Flora Collection in the Margaret C. Ferguson Greenhouses, with its highlight on plant form, carries Margaret Ferguson's vision of "laboratories under glass" into the 21st century. In addition to replacing our aging structure, the Global Flora project will:

  • supply new housing for our "botany museum" objects, which are of artistic and scientific interest;
  • create a new node for interdisciplinary science research and teaching; and
  • provide an innovative example of sustainable design. 


Live webcam


Global Flora's award for sustainable design:

Wellesley's New Global Flora Greenhouse Wins International Sustainable Design Award 

LafargeHolcim Foundation - prizewinning projects in sustainable construction


Newsletter articles:

Bones, Spring 2019 Botanical Collections Manager Rob Nicholson describes the hardscape features -- the "bones" -- being installed in Global Flora.

Global Flora: How to Curate a Collection, Fall 2018 Rob Nicholson writes about his goals and his process for putting together a new conservatory collection.

Visualizing Global Flora, Spring 2018 Explains many design details including the data collection network and the use of ETFE film instead of glass.

The Global Flora Project: Greenhouse Trees on the Move, Fall 2017 The large, landscaped trees in the Ferguson Greenhouses were dug up and moved to temporary homes during the summer of 2017.

Global Flora: Greenhouse Renewal, A Progress Report, Spring 2015 Botanic Gardens Director Kristina Jones describes the overarching theme of Global Flora and reports on the delay in starting construction.

Global Flora: Greenhouse Renewal, Phase 1, Fall 2014 The new greenhouse project - which we have dubbed the Global Flora Collection of the Margaret C. Ferguson Greenhouses - receives full funding. Kennedy & Violich Architecture works on a sustainable design, and Andropogon Associates will collaborate on the indoor landscapes.


Overview of the Global Flora project Botanic Gardens Director Kristina Jones describes her vision for an innovative new conservatory at Wellesley College.