outdoor labyrinthlabyrinth maintenance 2018

The labyrinth is located north of Paramecium Pond, in a quiet setting with views of nearby Molly's Garden and Galen Stone Tower. It was built in April 2017 by students in conjunction with the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, and made possible by the generosity of Laura Becker-Lewke '77. The labyrinth is constructed of tree rounds and branches that have fallen on campus, and is lit by solar lanterns at night. In the center is a slab from a 130-foot beech tree planted by Wellesley College founder Henry Durant that blew down in a storm in 2016. Visitors are encouraged to quiet their minds and focus on walking the path that leads to the center of the labyrinth and then back out.

"A labyrinth is not the same as a maze, which has multiple entrances and exits as well as dead ends," says Tiffany Steinwert, Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life. "In a labyrinth, there is only one 'door.' The path in gives you a chance to release the concerns you are carrying and focus on the present moment. When you come to the center you are invited to open yourself to receive insight from your journey. The walk out is about returning and integrating that wisdom and knowledge into your life.”