Wellesley College Botanic Gardens Visitor Map

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Visitor maps

Wellesley College Botanic Gardens Visitor Map

Botanic Gardens Visitor Map - Click here!

Parking details map

WCBG Parking and directions (PDF)

Additional maps

Self-guided Outdoor Garden Tour Map - created by students

Global Flora Conservatory Map

(Past) Botanic Gardens Features Map

(Past) Wellesley College Botanic Gardens Visitor Map 

Wellesley College campus

Wellesley College campus map - WCBG version

Wellesley College campus map - College website

Wellesley College campus landscape map - Paulson Ecology of Place Initiative outdoor spaces map


Detailed written directions on walking, commuting or parking here are at Plan Your Visit.


Where can I find a list of plants, class trees, or other features?

Launch our new digital map here! (recommend full browser)

Our plant databases are updated on an ongoing basis.

You may search our Garden Explorer map database for Global Flora plants:
This currently includes select accessioned plants in Global Flora and the Edible Ecosystem.

There is additional information on Edible Ecosystem plants on our website, including a student-made interactive map of seasonable edible plants. 

You may search our outdoor gardens plant database:

Use the digital map linked above, and select plants or use the search feature to display details.

Outdoor garden plant accessions - This is our past searchable database.  An updated tree and shrubs inventory of the outdoor Botanic Gardens was completed in Aug 2022, and is available in our digital map, or you may view it here in TreeKeeper. 

Looking for Class Trees?

Class Trees are mapped on this interactive project from the Paulson Initiative, by Kristine Meader '21.  Note that most class trees are not planted within the Botanic Gardens; please contact Wellesley Facilities - Grounds department for inquiries about specific class trees!

Still not sure? Check out the Gardens and Greenhouses sections of our website for more! Some gardens and greenhouse pages are under construction.  Thanks for your patience!

Find us on google maps by searching e.g. "WCBG Visitor Center" , "Global Flora" , or "Edible Ecosystem".  The Teaching & Research Greenhouses are located within the Science Center East wing, for campus use only.  Use links below to download a full map.