Courses for Credit Toward the Women's and Gender Studies Major and Minor

Courses for Credit Toward the Women's and Gender Studies Major and Minor

AFR 212/ENG 279

Black Women Writers

AFR 222

Blacks and Women in American Cinema

AFR 228/PHIL 228

Black Feminist Philosophy

AFR 237/PSYC 237

Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Women and the Workplace

AFR 238


AFR 244

Women & Slavery in the Trans-Atlantic World

AFR 316-01-S/ARTH 316-01-S

Topics in African/African American Art

AMST 215

Gender, Sexuality, and Hip-Hop

AMST 274/WGST 274

Rainbow Cowboys (and Girls): Gender, Race, Class, and Sexuality in Westerns

AMST 281/ENG 297

Rainbow Republic: American Queer Culture from Walt Whitman to Lady Gaga

AMST 315

Beats, Rhymes, and Life: Hip-Hop Studies

AMST 327

New Directions in Black and Latina Feminisms: Beyoncé, J-Lo, and Other Divas​

AMST 342

Sexualities in Whitman's America

ANTH 238

The Vulnerable Body: Anthropological Understandings

ARTH 230

Frank Lloyd Wright and the American Home

ARTH 245

House and Home: Domestic Architecture, Interiors, and Material Life in North America, 1600-1900

ARTH 309

Seminar: Problems in Architectural History

ARTH 331

Seminar: The Art of Northern Europe

CAMS 203/CHIN 243

Chinese Cinema (in English)

CAMS 229

Transnational Journeys in European Women’s Filmmaking

CHIN 243/CAMS 203

Chinese Cinema (in English)

CHIN 245

Chinese Women in a Century of Revolution (In English)

ECON 229

Women in the Economy

ECON 243

The Political Economy of Gender, Race, and Class

ECON 343

Seminar: Feminist Economics

EDUC 312

Seminar: History of Childhood and Child Welfare

ENG 121

Jane Austen's Novels

ENG 272

The Nineteenth-Century Novel

ENG 346

George Eliot and Her Readers

ENG 355-01-F

Advanced Studies in Twentieth-Century Literature

ENG 364-01-S/AMST 364-01-S

Race and Ethnicity in Literature

FREN 323

Liberty, Equality, Sexualities: How the Values of the French Republic Have Both Protected and Limited Sexual Freedom

GER 329

Border Crossing: German Culture in a Global Context

HIST 243

Gender and Sexuality in Twentieth-Century Europe

HIST 293

Changing Gender Constructions in the Modern Middle East

ITAS 274

Women in Love: Portraits of Female Desire in Italian Culture

JPN 353/THST 353

Lady Murasaki and <i>The Tale of Genji</i> (in English)

KOR 256

Gender and Language in Modern Korean Culture (in English)

MUS 222

Music, Gender, and Sexuality

MUS 322

Music, Gender, and Sexuality

PEAC 205

Gender, War and Peacebuilding

PEAC 259/ENG 259

Bearing Witness: Conflict, Trauma, and Narrative in Africa and the African Diaspora

PHIL 218

Feminist Philosophy of Science

PHIL 300-01-F

Seminar in Modern Philosophy

POL1 324

Seminar: Gender and Law

POL4 344

Seminar: Feminist Theory from the Margins

PSYC 341

Seminar: Women and Leadership

REL 224/MUS 224

Hildegard of Bingen

REL 225

Women in Christianity

REL 226

The Virgin Mary

REL 243

Women in the Biblical World

REL 323

Seminar: Feminist, Womanist, Latina, and LGBT Theologies

SOC 209

Social Inequality: Race, Class and Gender

SOC 233

Beyond Bollywood and Microfinance: Gender Politics in South Asia

SOC 234

Gender and International Development

SOC 308

Children in Society

SPAN 260

Women, Gender, and Love in Twenty-first-Century Spain

SPAN 263

Women's Art and Activism in Latin America

SPAN 271

Intersecting Currents: Afro-Hispanic and Indigenous Writers in Latin American Literature

SPAN 327

Seminar: Latin American Women Writers: Identity, Marginality, and the Literary Canon

THST 200

That's What She Said: Trailblazing Women of American Comedy

THST 212

Woman, Center Stage