April 4, 2016          Love, Contracts and the Future of Families
Lecture by: Martha Ertman, Eleanor Blume and Margot Coffin Lindsay
4:30pm, Collins Cinema, Wellesley College
Open to the Public

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Martha Ertman (’85), Carole and Hanan Sibel Research Professor at the University of Maryland Law School, will be discussing legal changes that have occurred in families especially since the June 2015 Federal recognition of same-sex marriage.  She will be discussing the major findings of her new book that are as much about the changing laws in the US as it is about the changing landscape of the U.S family. In addition I have two other alums Margot Coffin Lindsay (’46) and Eleanor Blume (’06) who will have volunteered to come to Wellesley for this event and provide bookend commentary. This will provide an extraordinary and unusual event.

Most people agree that love comes in different packages, but increasingly common phenomena like marriage equality, reproductive technologies, open adoption, and cohabitation are all bringing law and society up to date on this front.  Martha Ertman contends in her book Love’s Promises: How Formal & Informal Contracts Shape All Kinds of Families, that contracts and mini-contracts that she calls “deals” create, reinforce, and support these and other evolving family forms.  By combining memoir and legal analysis, Ertman translates the lessons of law school classrooms for students of the family as well as people in or considering families she dubs “Plan B.”   After telling her  own moving and often irreverent story about becoming a family of two moms and a dad – all gay -- raising a child, Ertman shows that all kinds of people—straight and gay, married and single, related by adoption or by genetics— use agreements  to shape their relationships.  Recognizing that common contractual core shows that uncommon families are just that – uncommon --  not unnatural nor unworthy of legal recognition.    

Commentary to be provided by two outstanding alumnae who graduated sixty years apart.  Margot Coffin Lindsay (’46), [insert prof.] & founder of GOTV organization Grandmothers for Obama, will comment on the book’s relevance for one who came of age when unmarried women who got pregnant were “sent away” and homosexuality was a crime, and Eleanor Blume (’06), attorney for the federal government’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will address the legal relevance of Ertman’s ideas in light of her own experience as a repro tech baby.

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Fall 2015

October 22, 2015, 4:30pm, Location: Collins Cinema, Wellesley College

"Foundational Violence: U.S. Settler Colonial Articulations of Race,
Gender, and Sexuality"

Evelyn Nakano Glenn

Professor Ethnic Studies and Gender & Women Studies
Director, Center for Race and Gender
Unversity of California-Berkeley

"Foundational Violence: U.S. Settler Colonial Articulations of Race,
Gender, and Sexuality"

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