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Use the new vendor form to add a new supplier or see if one already exists. Enter the vendor's name and email address. The vendor will receive an email from the Wellesley College Controller's Office with the subject line "Wellesley College Controller's Office request: New Supplier Form" that contains a link to an online form (illustration) to fill out. You'll be notified when the vendor submits the form, and again when Accts Payable has processed it.

When an employee or student is being reimbursed for money spent, fill out an expense report. If an honorarium or stipend is being given to a faculty or staff member, it needs to go through payroll. If a stipend is given to a student (not for work...that goes through payroll), an invoice should be submitted with the student as the supplier.

Check out the map from Banner FOAPALs to Workday worktags (see Fund/Org Lookup).


View spend categories


Documentation from Purchasing:

Worktags at a glance, if the worktag starts with:

  • CC = Cost Center, use the Cost Center field
  • GF or EN = Gift or Endowment, use the Gift field
  • GR or FF or FA = Grant, Faculty Award, use the Grant field
  • ACA, ACQ, ACW, ACY, AG, PJA, PJC, PJM, PMP = Activity, Agency, or Project, use the Additional Worktags field

Note for the workflows below: For purchasing, if the purchaser is also the sole PI, the request goes directly to the Grant Manager. For expenses, if the user is the sole PI, that person will approve his/her own report before it goes to the Grant Manager.

Purchasing flowchart

Expense Report Process Overview