HR & Payroll

What do I need to know?

These are the essentials you need to know when we "go live" in January 2017. There is a lot more to Workday, like benefits, personal and contact info, org charts, reports, and so on. For details, click a blue button on the left. For a PDF of the essential instructions by role, click any of the PDF links below, based on your role.

Everyone Download the PDF below for your role(s) at the college for step-by-step instructions on using Workday.
Everyone who gets paid by the College needs to know how to find their way around in Workday, as well as view/print payslips and tax documents. It’s also important for faculty and staff to update your personal information, including emergency contact, ethnicity, disability and veteran status.
Faculty PDF for Faculty
In addition, Department & Program Chairs need to know how to approve staff timesheets and requests for time off (PDF).
Staff PDF for Staff paid weekly, Staff paid monthly, Union StaffAVI Staff
All staff need to know how to request time off.
Staff paid weekly need to know how to submit timesheets (and Dining Hall staff will use check in/out to track time).
Students PDF for Students
Student workers need to know how to submit timesheets and view pay information. Personal information should still be updated in Banner.
Managers PDF for Student Managers, Staff Managers, Union ManagersAVI Managers, College Club Managers
Student managers need to know how to approve timesheets.
Managers need to know how to approve timesheets and requests for time off.




Everyone who gets paid by the College needs to know how to:

  • Navigate in Workday 
  • View and print payslips
  • View and print tax documents; your 2016 tax documents are in Banner Self-Service.


We ask that faculty and staff review their personal and contact information (verifying race/ethnicity, military service, and disability info).

Also included is instructions on reviewing your benefits.