Highlights from sections below

Getting Started

  • Video: Getting Started
  • Identify Your Place in the Organization
    • Locate Your Place in the Organization
    • Locate Your Organization
    • Review Your Job History
    • Locate Your Org Chart
  • Use Your Inbox
    • Purpose of the Inbox
    • View Your Inbox
    • Delegate Your Time
  • Modify Personal Information
    • Access Your Worker Profile Page
    • Add or Change Your Contact Information
    • Add or Change Emergency Contacts
    • Modify Your Personal Information
    • View Your Identity Paperwork
    • Change Your Legal Name
    • Change Your Preferred Name
    • Add or Change Your Photo
    • Add and View Your Social Networks
    • Delete a Social Network
    • View Transaction History
    • Import Your Profile from LinkedIn
    • Change a Business Title
    • Manage Professional Profile Information
  • Use Tools and Navigation
    • Navigate the Home Page
    • Configure Worklets
    • Error and Alert Messages
    • Use Related Actions and the Profile Icon
    • Navigate Using Search
    • Change Your Account Settings
    • Product Tours


Time Off

Time Tracking

  • Video: Enter Time Worked
  • Enter Time Worked and Time Off
    • Enter Time for Today
    • Enter Time by Week
    • Enter Time for a Project, Project Phase and Project Task
    • Modify Previously Report Time
    • Request Time Off in Time Tracking
    • Using High Volume Entry