Has the payroll calendar changed?

No, here is the 2017 calendar. The biggest difference is that there is one "locked" time for everyone -- those submitting a timesheet and those approving it. Managers might want to set their own internal "submit by" dates/times with their direct reports. 

How does time off interact with hours worked in a timesheet?

If you enter time off, that takes the place of hours worked. E.g., if you have 3 hours of personal time on a day, you'd enter 4 hours of hours worked if you normally work a 7 hour day.
If time off is not approved, it will be submitted along with the timesheet, basically approving it by default.
If a full week or more of time off is recorded, the timesheet still needs to be submitted (it will appears as all time off and no hours worked). People can submit a timesheet into the future, using the "select week" option in the Time worklet. Managers can also submit/approve time on behalf of their direct reports.
Can I take time off on a weekend day?
Yes, if that's appropriate to your role. For everyone else, make sure you don't include weekends in your time off requests.
When I go into the Benefits tab on Workday, there is no College contribution indicated under the 403(b) TIAA College Contribution row, under the Coverage column. Does that mean there is no College money being sent to my TIAA retirement account?
The 403(b) TIAA College Contribution row is always blank. The fact the row appears means you are getting College contributions to your TIAA account. To see your College contribution, you should go to your paycheck screen and the amount sent from the College will appear there.
Why don’t I see my life insurance beneficiaries listed?
Your beneficiaries are on file.  We will be updating Workday with beneficiaries prior to next year’s open enrollment (November 2017).
Student workers are not assigned the correct supervisor, how do I correct this?
In January, Student Financial Services will contact departments to review student supervisory organization and all student employees.  If you have a student who is working during Wintersession and does not appear correctly in your team, please submit a ticket by emailing workday@wellesley.edu.  If your students will not resume working until the start of the semester, Student Financial Services will review those later this month.
I’ve made an error entering my time, how do I correct it?
If you haven’t submitted your time to your manager, you can click on the wrong entry and delete it.  If you have already submitted your time to your manager, notify your manager and your manager can correct the time.
For union employees only:  How do I input a personal day from sick time (SKP)?
Enter the time under sick time and add the comment “personal from sick.”

I am an administrative academic year employee who because of my length of service receives an extra week of vacation time.  I was off between Christmas and New Year’s Day and have not used all of my additional vacation time. My vacation balance shows only one week. Why is my vacation balance incorrect?

Vacation was not tracked in the Banner system for administrative academic year employees (9 and 10 months). Because Human Resources did not know how much of untracked vacation time employees have already taken since the start of the academic year, we added in the spring break week to Workday. So, please put in the vacation hours for spring break. Continue to track your other vacation time “off the books” for the remainder of this academic year.

Goods news! We are working on developing a monthly accrual for academic year employees that will be implemented for Academic Year 2017-2018. You will see further communications about this.

As a reminder, academic year employees cannot carry over vacation.


How do I get paid for a holiday?

Administrative and union weekly paid employees who are eligible to be paid for a holiday will need to input holiday time into their timesheet. Part-time administrative employees who work at least 17.5 hours per week are entitled to pro-rated holiday pay based on authorized hours for the position, divided by 5 days. For example, an administrative employee who works 21 hours per week is eligible for 4.2 hours of holiday pay (21 hours divided by 5) and should input the 4.2 hours into the timesheet. The hours do not default into the timesheet. You do not need to request holiday pay through request time off. Exempt (monthly paid) administrative employees do not input holiday time. Wellesley’s next holiday is Mon, Jan. 16, Martin Luther King Day.


I have opted out of the College’s medical insurance, how will I receive my opt out payment?

This year, the opt out payment is paid out either weekly or monthly throughout 2017.


Note to Managers who approve time.

Time off requests are approved separately from approving timesheets.


I have more than one job, how do I enter my time?

Select the Time worklet; select the week; select the correct position from the position field; and enter hours for each position separately. If you have more than one manager, each manager will approve time under their position and will not see the hours entered for the other position(s).


Workday Tip: As you review your personal information and there is no change, do not leave the page by hitting the submit button, instead cancel. If you hit submit, you will receive a “to do” notice in your inbox requiring further action on your part. As an example, you were reviewing your legal name and hit submit, you will receive a message saying that you need to provide HR with documentation. If you have a “to do” message in your inbox that is in error, contact workday@wellesley.edu.