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Approve, Deny, and Send Back Time Off Requests

Time off requests require approval. The approval task is routed to the Manager’s Inbox. Click the Profile icon.

  1. Click the Inbox link.
  2. Click the Time Off Request.
  3. Click the View Balances button to view an employee’s time off balances (optional).
  4. Click ApproveSend BackAdd Approvers (this option may be under the More menu) or More. From the More menu, you can select Deny or Cancel. See the PDF for instructions on correcting time off requests.
  5. If approved, click the Detail and Process arrow to view the employee’s time off summary. 

Title: Image of Review Time Off Request inbox task.  - Description: Image of Review Time Off Request inbox task.



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Approve, Send Back, or Deny Submitted Time

From your Inbox (in the menu when you click your Profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen):


  1. Access and review the submitted time entry in the Entries to Approve section.
  2. Click the magnifying glass icon’s Related Actions under Details to view more information.
  3. Click Approve, Send Back, Deny, or Close. If you deny or send back the request, you will need to enter a reason. See the PDF for details on correcting timesheets.
  4. Check the Process History section to verify that the time entry was approved.

You can also use the Bulk Approve feature.

From your Inbox:

  1. Click the unlabeled More pull-down menu, and select Bulk Approve


  2. Make selections, then click OK.

    Bulk Approve



If you’re a manager or timekeeper, and would like to see time worked by individual (this is especially helpful for student workers), search for "WEL TT Report Time Blocks" (add this to your Favorites). You will only see students for whom you are a manager or timekeeper.

Enter a start and end date. You can enter an individual's name, or search for Job Family Group, for example, Student, then click OK.

Click on a column header to sort or filter. You'll notice that you can also print, or export to Excel in the upper right, like other Workday reports.

Scroll right to see the person's manager. Reported Quantity = hours worked.


If you're going to be away, you can assign delegates to approve items on your behalf.

From the Profile Profile icon menu,  go to your Inbox:

  1. Click the unlabeled More pull-down menu, and select My Delegations


  2. Click the Manage Delegations button. 


  3. Select Begin and End dates to let the system know how long the delegation will last.
  4. Select the person you want to delegate your Inbox to. Typically, one of your peer managers.
  5. Select For all Business Processes.
  6. Click Submit.



Student managers need to know how to approve timesheets

Managers of staff need to know how to approve timesheets and time off requests. Time reports are also useful.

Click the PDF buttons below for detailed, in-depth instructions on approvals, including making corrections.

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Click the PDF button to the right for information on related tasks, like delegating approvals.