All staff need to know how to:

  • Manage their time off
    • View balances
    • Submit a request for time 
    • Cancel a request
    • Correct time off 

Monthly staff do not submit a timesheet.

Staff who are paid weekly need to know how to submit timesheets, which differs slightly depending if you are (choose below):

  • Non-exempt administrative
  • Union staff have a 40-hour work week.
    • Campus Police work a staggered schedule.
    • College Club uses smaller time increments in reporting (Workday does 15 minute increments)
    • AVI staff use check-in/check-out on iPads in their kitchens.



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1. From the Home screen, click the Time Off worklet.

Time Off worklet

2. Click the Time Off Balance button under the View section. The Time Off Balance task displays with today’s date in the As Of field by default.

3. Click OK to view your balance as of today’s date. To view past or future balances, change this date. Workday will re-calculate based on how you accrue time off.


1. From the Home screen, click the Time Off worklet.Video
Time Off worklet

2. Click Time Off under Request.

Request button

3. Select the day(s) you wish to take time off. Click on a selected day to deselect it.


4. Click Request Time Off. The number of days you requested dynamically displays on the button to help confirm your request.

5. Enter the Type of time off requested.

6. Enter the number of hours requested per day in the Daily Quantity field. For most staff, this is 7 hours.

7. Click Submit.


Submitted requests that have not been approved can be canceled. Once approved, you must correct the request before you cancel it.

1. From the Home screen, click the Time Off worklet.

Time Off worklet

2. Click the time off request in your calendar.

3. Click the Cancel this Request.


4. Enter a comment. This step is required for a cancelation.


5. Click Submit. No approval is required.

6. Click Done.


1. From the Home screen, click the Time Off worklet.

Time Off worklet

2. Click Time Off Correction under Request. If you have no approved requests, you will receive an error message.

3. Click the approved time off request on the calendar.

4. Select the day(s) you want to correct.

5. Enter an adjustment to requested hours in the Daily Quantity field.  

6. Click the Remove Row icon to remove days. The projected balance at the top automatically updates once you leave the field.

Correct Time Off Page

7. Click Continue.

8. Click Submit.

9. Enter any comments.

10. Click Submit then Done.