1.  Click the Time worklet.


Time worklet

2. Click This Week (notice that you can also choose Last Week or Select Week).

Enter Time > Week

3. You can either click each day and enter hours, or to do the whole week at once, click the Enter Time button and select Quick Add.

Note: Two other useful options under Enter Time are Clear and Auto-fill from Prior Week.

Enter Time > Quick Add

4.  If you have more than one position, choose one, then click the green Next button.

Choose position

5. Enter hours worked for each day, then click the green OK button.

Enter hours into days of the week

6. Click the green Submit button.

7. A certification screen will appear, click the green Submit button, then click the yellow Done button.

Important note: As long as the pay period is still open, you can click any entered time blocks on the calendar and correct hours entered, or delete the item entirely, and even submit again. You should set up a deadline with your manager to submit hours by, to ensure your timesheet is approved.




For regular overtime, for Type, choose Overtime (Facilities, Campus Police, non-exempt staff) or Overtime In/Out (Dining Services).

Type = Overtime

Sample timesheet:


For other types of hours, for example, shift differentials, change the Type when you enter hours. If you click into the Type field, you'll see a dropdown menu of choices.

Type dropdown menu

Notice that you can search for particular types of overtime, for example, ones that contain the word "differential":

Differential search

Any questions about this should be directed to your manager for clarification. All overtime must be approved in advance.