FAQs for Students

Workday Student FAQs for Students


When does Workday Student take effect?


Workday Student will take effect in phases over the next several months.

Spring 2019

  • In May, current students will verify or add contacts, designate an emergency contact, and give access to a Third Party User (what we currently refer to as an authorized user - the person/people you would like to view your bills and make payments on your behalf).

  • New Student Onboarding - In May, entering students will log into Workday to view the tasks required of them before arrival on campus, and to connect to the web applications they use to complete onboarding tasks.


Summer 2019

  • Student Financials - Starting in July, all students will view their financial aid information and pay their bills through Workday.

  • Summer Course Grading - Faculty teaching summer courses will be the first group to enter grades into Workday.

  • New Student Registration - New students, including transfer and visiting students and Davis Scholars, will register in Workday for Fall 2019 courses.


Fall 2019

  • PE Registration - All students will register for Fall 2019 Physical Education courses in Workday.

  • Course Registration - All students register in Workday for Spring 2020 courses.

  • Course Grading - All course grading happens in Workday.

  • Advising - Faculty Advisors and Class Deans begin using Workday advising tools to support their student advisees.


Can we still use Banner after Workday Student is in place?


No. Spring Semester 2019 is the last time students will use Banner.


How will students be able to access their financial information in Workday?


Students will be able to view their balances and pay their bills by clicking on “Student Financials” in their student profile in Workday. Detailed instructions for this will be available in Summer 2019.


How do I register for classes?


Students will register for all classes in Workday, including PE classes. Detailed instructions will be provided ahead of the registration period. Continuing students will register in Workday for the first time in Fall 2019 for Spring 2020 courses.


Does first come first serve apply to registering for classes anymore?


Yes. All registration policies will remain the same.


Will students be notified if a class on their schedule is full?


Yes, Students will be notified through Workday of any classes that are full.


How is the Add/ Drop period going to work?


Add/Drop will happen in Workday. The process will be different, but there will be no changes to Add/Drop policies. Detailed instructions will be added to the Workday Student website ahead of the Add/Drop period.


What services will be different because of this change, for example, 25Live, MyWellesley, CLCE, etc?


Aside from going to Workday instead of Banner for course registration, academic planning, updates to personal information, accessing financial information and paying bills, most services will be accessed in the same way they are accessed now. For example, the Course Browser, waitlist process, and the process for requesting official transcripts will not change. Some (exciting!) changes include:

  • Students will be able to view PE courses in the Course Browser and will register for them through Workday, just the same as the rest of the courses.

  • The Academic Progress Report will be part of Workday - not a separate report. It will provide information about progress toward completion of all requirements, including your major(s) and minor programs.

  • You will be able to look up much more information about yourself in one place, including:

    • Grades

    • Progress toward completion of your academic requirements

    • Generate unofficial transcripts

    • View financial aid information

    • View and update emergency contacts


Will the process for ordering official transcripts or degree verifications change?


No. Ordering of official transcripts will still be through Parchment, and degree verifications will continue to be through National Student Clearinghouse.


Why do students have both a Worker Profile and a Student Profile?


All Wellesley students will have a Worker Profile and Student Profile, regardless of whether or not they have an on-campus job. For students without an on-campus job this is a placeholder for you in case you become employed in the future. In your Worker Profile, you will perform actions related to being a student employee, such as entering time and viewing payslips. In your Student Profile, you will perform actions and access information related to your academics and student finances.


Will alumnae still be able to log into the Portal?


Yes, nothing about the the alumnae resources in the Portal will change.


Do I have to include a parent as one of my emergency contacts in Workday?


Students who are minors must include at least one emergency contact who is a parent, stepparent, or legal guardian. All students 18 years or older who are not Davis Scholars must include at least one emergency contact who is a parent, stepparent, legal guardian, spouse, or domestic partner. Davis Scholars must enter one emergency contact of any type.