Filter Important Emails

Students, faculty, and staff will receive important emails with [ACTION REQUIRED] or [WORKDAY] in the subject line when certain required tasks or important notices become available in Workday. You can filter these emails into a label in Gmail so you can easily review them in one place. Here's how:

  1. Check the checkbox next to a typical message you'd like to filter. 
  2. Click More near the top of your Inbox, then choose Filter messages like these.

    Filter messages

  3. View the criteria the filter is using. Click Create filter with this search in the lower right.

    Filter messages

  4. As an example, you might choose to:
    Skip the Inbox (Archive it): The message will not appear in your Inbox.
    - Apply the label: and Choose label > New label... and under Please enter a new label name, type something like Workday Notifications, then click Create.

    Filter messagesFilter messages


  5. Click the blue Create Filter button.

Note, in the example above, if you had 5 unread notifications from Workday, on the left of your Inbox you would then see a label that reads Workday Notifications (5), but nothing would appear in your actual Inbox.