English Language Resource Center

The English Language Resource Center (ELRC) provides opportunities for students who speak English as a second language to advance their linguistic skills.

The mission of the Center is to help students reach their maximum potential by providing individualized support aimed at developing writing, speaking, and critical reading skills. To this end, the ELRC provides one-on-one tutoring to multilingual students and hosts community programming, including panel discussions and workshops, on topics related to language development.
Students can make an appointment to meet with Melanie Yalcinkaya, ELRC Coordinator, or with one of the ELRC peer tutors.
Coaching sessions with the ELRC Coordinator **
Meet with Melanie to get feedback on assignments, discuss strategies to advance language skills and address any concerns about language use in or outside of the classroom. Melanie is available to work with students on a variety of topics, including but not limited to grammar, academic and technical vocabulary development, pronunciation, and reading comprehension, as well as other aspects of oral and written expression.
ELRC Peer Tutors

Meet with one of the ELRC's peer tutors to discuss a writing assignment, such as a response paper, research paper, lab report, senior thesis, or application essay. Get help with grammar, word choice, and other aspects of the English language.


Spring 2019 semester hours:
Sunday 3-7:00 pm *
Wednesday 5:00-7pm *
Friday 3:30-6:30pm
* slightly revised hours from earlier flyers
Location: NEW Brackett Room, Clapp Library.
ELRC Coordinator: Melanie Yalcinkaya, myalcink@wellesley.edu
To make an appointment, click here.



Purdue Owl: Many resources specifically for international students and English language learners.

Guide to Grammar and Writing: A searchable index on topics related to grammar and composition.


List of the 1000 most common words in the English language

Words and Phrases: Provides access to the Corpus of Contemporary American English.  Great for helping to identify key academic vocabulary in a specific academic field.  Provides detailed information on collates and a plethora of examples taken from actual academic articles.  Can also be used to analyze the vocabulary and key phrases used in a text.


Sounds of Speech: An interactive guide to the sounds of American English.  Also available as a mobile app.


CCProse Audiobooks: A large collection of closed captioned audio books. Shakespeare, Thoreau, Austen, Poe and more!  Listen while you read your course assignments.


Working with Multilingual ESL Students: Middlebury College

Tips on Teaching ESL Students: University of North Carolina Writing Center

Responding to non-native speakers of English: University of Michigan Writing Center