About WWP

Wellesley believes in women.

And we believe that women are one of the greatest forces for social change in the world.

As the world’s preeminent college for women, Wellesley has supported and championed women’s intellectual and social development and leadership for over 100 years. The College provides women with an exceptional educational experience and cultivates their ability and determination to make a difference in the world.

Wellesley has innovated an educational model for training women for leadership on a global scale—a pedagogy based on a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to problem solving. The College's goal is to share this unique model to help create the next generation of women leaders around the world. 

We are proud to launch a new global initiative, Women World Partners, in June with an inaugural partnership with the renowned Peking University. Ultimately this initiative will take the College around the globe to forge partnerships with leading institutions.

Educating Women for Leadership Starts with the Liberal Arts

The ability to effect change in the world is enhanced by an understanding of a broad range of disciplines and the ability to hear and synthesize distinct and diverse viewpoints. Bringing this "worldy" view to bear on the great issues of the 21st century is precisely what today's liberal arts curriculum works to accomplish.

Wellesley and our inaugural partner, Peking University, are premiere educational institutions dedicated to the cultivation of women leaders. Understanding the value of a liberal arts approach to education, both schools foster the highest standard of readiness in their graduates, in terms of ability to think, act, and contribute meaningfully and effectively in their chosen areas of interest.

It Results in Women Who Make a Difference in the World

Wellesley alumnae and their contributions in every arena simply illustrate the point, from secretaries of state to award-winning writers, from CEOs to scientific leaders.