Wellesley and Peking University students welcome dignitaries to the site of the conference, Women's Leadership: Making a Difference in the World.
Peking University’s Sunlight Hall in the Yingjie Exchange Center in Beijing stands ready for this first-of-its-kind conference on June 15, 2013.
Banners for the conference greet guests on June 15 in the Yingjie Exchange Center.
Prominent women from across China as well as leading alumnae from Wellesley and Peking University make up the conference’s invitation-only audience of 300.
President Bottomly opens the conference, declaring the imperative of educating women for leadership, and explaining how a Wellesley education prepares women to be global decision-makers.
Conference keynote speaker Yang Lan, international talk show host and chair of Sun Media Holdings, answers a question from host Mei-Mei Tuan ’88.
Conference keynote speaker Pam Melroy ’83, former NASA astronaut and space shuttle commander, speaks at the podium about navigating her path to leadership.
Mona Locke (far left) hosts a panel discussion on facing leadership challenges, with panelists Wu Qing, legislator, educator, and activist; Sarah O’Donnell ’85 (with mic), CEO of Hong Kong Seibu Enterprises; and Lin Tianmiao, one of China’s leading contemporary artists.
At the conference's Story Table session, mutual sharing generates discussion of the challenges faced by women who hold or seek leadership roles.
Wellesley and Peking University next-generation leaders speak in a panel with Joanne Murray ’81, director of the Madeline Korbel Albright Institute for Global Affairs.