What's Wellesley Eating at The Leaky Beaker?

Recognize this scene? Part of it is the live homepage of this microsite!
The newest cafe on campus got its Potter-inspired name in a campuswide contest.
It's a great place to meet up, study, and grab a snack or lunch.
It offers many ways to stay hydrated.
Yogurt or freshly made sandwiches and salads to-go make a quick and easy lunch.
Greek or chicken Caesar salad are some regular offerings.
Instant noodles and soup make for a hot option.
You can find healthy choices, like cut-up fruit or fruit with yogurt.
Ot trail mix, to give you energy for studying! And other stuff.
Then some days you have to splurge with fine chocolate.
Or more standard-fare study snacks.
The all-important coffee, tea, and cocoa at the Leaky Beaker comes to you from Peets.