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Please review the the submission guidelines below.

Submission type:

Send a Letter to the Editor
Wellesley welcomes short letters relating to topics that have appeared in recent issues of the magazine. The editor reserves the right to conclude discussions of a particular topic on the "Letters" page.

Maximum length 300 words. Letters may be edited.

In e-mailed correspondence, please include your full name and city and state of residence. In the subject line, please write "Letter to the Editor."

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Submit a Feature Story
If you have an idea for a Wellesley magazine feature story, please send a query letter explaining the article's concept to the editor. In the subject line, please write "Feature Article Query." Unsolicited feature articles may also be sent to the editor for consideration.

Maximum length 2,500 words.

All submissions will be read and acknowledged. If you are submitting a query letter or an article by postal mail, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

If you are a professional writer, please include a copy of your resume with your submission as well as writing samples.

Wellesley does not publish unsolicited articles by writers who are not alumnae, students, current or emerita/us faculty, or current staff members of Wellesley College.

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Submit a "First Person" Article
All alumnae are invited to submit op-ed style pieces on contemporary political, social, and cultural issues for this column. Personal essays that touch on these topics will also be considered. Query letters are preferred, but unsolicited submissions are also accepted. In the subject line, please write "First Person Submission."

Maximum length 1,700 words. All submissions will be read and acknowledged.

If you are submitting a query letter or an article by postal mail, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

If you are a professional writer, please include a copy of your resume with your submission, as well as writing samples.

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Submit a Student Essay
All current Wellesley students are invited to submit essays on their personal experiences during their college years. Topics specific to Wellesley are preferred. Please submit a query letter or contact the editor to discuss possible subjects. Unsolicited articles are also accepted. In the subject line, please write "Student Essay Submission."

Maximum length 850 words. All submissions will be read and acknowledged.

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Submit Information About a Publication
Wellesley alumnae, students, and current or emerita/us faculty members may submit publications for inclusion in the Fresh Ink book list and for possible review in Wellesley magazine.

Accepted publications include books, CDs, CD-ROMs, and videos. Publications in other media will be considered at the discretion of the editor. Wellesley does not list or review magazine or newspaper articles.

All appropriate publications received in the magazine office will be listed in the Fresh Ink list of Wellesley magazine and subsequently stored in the Wellesley College Archives. Some publications will be selected for review by the book editor.

To submit a publication, please send two copies of the item to:
Wellesley Magazine
Wellesley College
106 Central Street
Wellesley, MA 02481-8203

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Submit a Photo
Personal photos for the "Class Notes" section are published at the discretion of the editor. All submissions will be acknowledged. Photos may be submitted electronically or by postal mail.

Before you submit a photo, please read the guidelines below carefully. If a photo or caption does not meet these guidelines, we will be unable to publish it.


Photos for Wellesley must include two or more alumnae. Exceptions will be made for alumnae who have celebrated their 60th reunion or older, as those photos are more rare. Photos must arrive at the magazine office within one calendar year of the event or occasion depicted. Photos of events more than one year old cannot be published.

The magazine accepts photos in two common electronic formats: .JPEG files and .TIFF files. Please send digital photos as attachments; we cannot accept photos that are pasted in the body of an e-mail or embedded in other programs or online. We also accept prints by postal mail.

Digital photos are made up of a series of very small pixels. The magazine requires a certain number of pixels per inch, or a certain level of resolution, for the photos we publish. A high-resolution photo will reproduce well in the magazine; a low-resolution photo will not.

All photos submitted electronically must have a resolution of at least 300 dpi at a 4x6 print size. If you are not sure about this measurement, you can measure the size of your file. As a rule of thumb, .jpeg photos should be at least 800KB or larger in size; .tiff photos should be at least 3MB or larger in size. Please make every effort to measure the size of your photo, as we are unable to publish low-resolution photos. If you are unable to send a photo at a higher resolution than what you have already sent, we will not be able to publish the photo. We are also unable to publish prints of low-resolution digital photos or photos printed on low-quality photo paper.

Photos submitted via postal mail must be 4x6 print size or larger.

Wellesley accepts both black-and-white and color digital or print photos that meet the above requirements.

Captions must accompany all photos. The captions must include the names of all individuals in the photo—both alumnae and non-alumnae—in order from left to right, and from back row to front row. For alumnae, the caption should include their first name, college last name, and current last name (if different from their college name). The caption must also include the month and year of the event, the location of the event, and a short description of the event or occasion. Incomplete caption information may delay the publishing of your photo or render us unable to publish your photo.

IMPORTANT: If you are a recently married alumnae with a wedding photo, and you would like the caption to reflect any changes to your name, you must contact the College to change your name in the alumnae database. Instructions for updating your record in the alumnae database can be found here. The magazine will only publish names as they appear in the alumnae database record.

To submit a photo electronically, email the photo to, with the caption in the body of the email. Include "Photo Submission" in the subject line. 

To submit a printed photo, mail it to:
Wellesley Magazine
Wellesley College
106 Central St.
Wellesley, MA 02481

Please remember to include a caption meeting the above guidelines for each photo you submit. If you are sending a print or slide by postal mail, please indicate if you would like it to be returned to you, and include an up-to-date return address.


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Submit a Memorial
Wellesley welcomes memorials written by friends, including classmates, other alumnae, and non-alumnae; or by family members. Please contact the appropriate class secretary and/or the magazine staff before writing or submitting a memorial.

Memorials printed in Wellesley magazine are not obituaries of record. They are intended to be personal tributes to alumnae. Memories from college years are particularly welcome. Notes on life accomplishments are also accepted, but need not be exhaustive.

Wellesley magazine does not accept newspaper clips or other previously published obituaries for adaptation.

Memorials are limited to 100 words and may be edited. All submissions will be acknowledged.


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Suggest a Profile for Class Notes
If you know of a Wellesley alumna whose life or recent experiences would make an interesting story, let Wellesley know! Ideas for profiles on alumnae whose class year is 1960 or earlier are particularly welcome. Wellesley also strives to represent a wide array of ethnic and national groups in the profiles.

Special profiles feature the lives and work of alumnae. They appear in larger boxes in the "Class Notes" section.

Subjects of specials may have any kind of background. In the past, Wellesley has profiled a caregiver, an avocado farmer, a volunteer salamander rescuer, a safety officer in a meat-packaging plant, a ballroom dancer, and a variety of entrepreneurs, among many others.

Specials are generally written by magazine staff members, or freelancers, by assignment. Alumnae should not write specials about themselves.

Wellesley does not print profiles of deceased alumnae.

To suggest a profile, send us an email with "Profile Suggestion" in the subject line.

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