Homi Kharas
Senior Fellow and Deputy Director, Global Economy and Development Program, Brookings Institution

Homi Kharas
Homi Kharas is a Senior Fellow and Deputy Director in the Global Economy and Development program.

In that capacity, he studies policies and trends influencing developing countries, including aid to poor countries, the emergence of the middle class, and global governance and the G-20.

He has served as the lead author and executive secretary of the secretariat supporting the High Level Panel, co-chaired by President Sirleaf, President Yudhoyono and Prime Minister Cameron, advising the U.N. Secretary General on the post-2015 development agenda (2012-2013). The report, “A New Global Partnership: Eradicate Poverty and Transform Economies through Sustainable Development” was presented on May 30, 2013.

His most recent co-authored books are Getting to Scale: How to Bring Development Solutions to Millions of Poor People (Brookings Press, 2013); After the Spring: Economic Transitions in the Arab World (Oxford University Press, 2012); and Catalyzing Development: A New Vision for Aid (Brookings Press, 2011). He has published articles, book chapters and opinion pieces on global development policy, global trends, the global food crisis, international organizations, the G20, the DAC and private philanthropy.

He has recently served as a member on the International Panel Review Committee on Malaysia’s economic and governance transformation programs (2012); the post-Busan Advisory Group to the DAC co-chairs (2011); the National Economic Advisory Council to the Malaysian Prime Minister (2009-10); and a member of the Working Group for the Commission on Growth and Development, chaired by Professor A. Michael Spence (2007-10). He was a Non-Resident Fellow of the OECD Development Center (2009).

Prior to joining Brookings, Dr. Kharas spent twenty-six years at the World Bank, serving for seven years as Chief Economist for the World Bank’s East Asia and Pacific region and Director for Poverty Reduction and Economic Management, Finance and Private Sector Development, responsible for the Bank’s advice on structural and economic policies, fiscal issues, debt, trade, governance and financial markets.

Kharas is also co-author of Penang’s Cities, People and Economy (2011); An East Asian Renaissance: Ideas for Economic Growth (2007); and co-editor of East Asian Visions: Perspectives on Economic Development (2007); East Asia Integrates: A Trade Policy Agenda for Shared Growth (2004).

Select recent publications include Horizon 2025: Creative Destruction in the Aid Industry (2012); The Challenge of High and Rising Food Prices (2011); What is the Middle Income Trap? (2011); A Quality of Official Development Assistance Assessment (2010); The Emerging Middle Class in Developing Countries (2010); Development Assistance in the 21st Century (2009); Do Philanthropic Citizens Behave Like Governments? (2009); The California Consensus: Can Private Aid End Global Poverty? (2008); Chilean Growth through East Asian Eyes (2008); Measuring the Cost of Aid Volatility (2008); East Asia: Regional Integration among Open Economies (2008); The New Reality of Aid (2008); Trends and Issues in Development Aid (2007).