The Albright Institute fosters integrated and inquisitive learning linked to bold action and service to the world.

Albright Institute Leadership

Takis Metaxas, Faculty Director, Professor of Computer Science

Rebecca Gordan, Program Director

Julie Lanza, Special Projects Coordinator

Beth Robichaud, Assistant Director of Academic Conferences


The Spoke Editorial Board

Cord Whitaker, Convener

Julie Walsh, Convener


Albright Ambassadors

Amy Batchelor ’88

Paula Bernstein '58

Marcia Burick '62

Anne Chao '74

Diana Chapman Walsh '66

Prudence Crozier '62

Saraphin Dhanani ’16

Amelia Fawcett ’78

Wini Freund ’59

Laura Lewis '85

Hank Paulson

Wendy Paulson '69

Betty Pforzheimer

Carla Robbins '74

Nancy Snyderman

Patti Sulser '79

Nicki Tanner '57

Susan Terris '59