Erika Buchmiller

Union Employee Spotlight


Erika Buchmiller


Years of Service

22 years

Jobs at Wellesley College

Food Service: Schneider Center, Grounds: (11 years)

Other Jobs

Nanny, Bank Teller, Warehouse worker, retail.

Where are you from and where do you live now?

From Queens, New York. Currently live in Medway, MA.

Any personal or family stories you want to tell?

When I lived in New York, I took the train to school everyday and was so tired of the asphalt and concrete. I wished for green grass, tall trees, and open space!

Well, I got it - two fold. Now I have to mow that green grass, so be careful what you wish for!


Any thoughts on working at Wellesley College?

It's a beautiful place to work. I've met a ton of people, made some great friends. I miss Schneider and Schneider specials. I hope to be here a long time, and I'd really like it if I could get my own locker room (one I don't have to share with the golfers).