Murray Wolf

Union Employee Spotlight


Murray "Mur" Wolf

Technology Shop

Years of Service

24 years

Jobs at Wellesley College

Energy/Network Technician, Head of Technology Shop

Other Jobs

Manager of a Radio Shack store (1970s), Bilingual (Spanish/English) electrical instructor (late 1970s through 80s), self-employed electrician (1980s), Consultant - I present customized technical training programs (early 1980s - present).

Where are you from and where do you live now?

I grew up in Mattapan and Brookline (MA). I now live in Sharon, MA.

Any personal or family stories you want to tell?

When I applied for my job at Wellesley College in 1988, I did so on a whim. I interviewed with the late Bob Faulkner, and the now-retired Bob Priore, both fine men. I liked their "nuts and bolts" description of the job. However, I was especially impressed when they told me that although they valued dedicated employees, it should always be family first, job second. I left the interview convinced that I had come to the right place. So, what started out as a whim turned out to be one of the best and most satisfying decisions I've ever made.

Any thoughts on working at Wellesley College?

I couldn't imagine working with a finer group of human beings. The people around here are like my second family. They've celebrated the good times with me and supported me through difficult times. Our workforce is talented and dedicated, and Wellesley College is fortunate to have us. It's a privilege to work here.