Outright Gifts allow you to receive a charitable deduction for tax purposes.

Fractional Gifts allow you to keep partial ownership of your work and receive a partial charitable deduction for tax purposes.

Bequests allow you to keep your artwork for the remainder of your life, ensuring it will have a proper home after your death while lessening the burden of estate taxes on your heirs.


The first step in the gift process is to contact the Davis Museum. Please see above.

We will be best able to assist if you provide the artist’s name, date of creation, title, medium, country of origin, size of the work, and other relevant information together with photographs of the piece.

Fees for appraisal, packing, transportation, and insurance until delivery are customary costs of the gift-making process and are assumed by the donor.

The gift process may take from one to six months, depending on several important factors, including provenance research, conservation assessment, and formal acquisition review by Wellesley College faculty and Davis Museum staff.


All charitable deductions for gifts of property valued at more than $5,000 require a written appraisal, performed by a credentialed professional, independent of the Davis Museum and Wellesley College.

Ethical museum practices and legal constraints do not allow Davis staff to provide appraisals or to confirm appraisal results.

The Museum recommends discussing all gift and estate planning with legal and financial advisors to ensure that personal and charitable goals are met.

Your gifts sustain the Davis Museum at Wellesley College and enhance the collections for future generations. We are grateful for the generosity of our donors.

Contact Lisa Fischman, Ruth Gordon Shapiro ’37 Director

781-283-2053/ lfischma@wellesley.edu