Accommodation Decision Appeal Process

Students, staff, faculty and guests are able to appeal accommodation decisions made through Disability Services using this process. To use this process, an individual first will have needed to complete the accommodation request process described previously.

Individuals wanting to appeal the decision must do so in writing within 14 days of the notice of the accommodation decision. The appeal should include a copy of the original request for accommodation, documentation of disability, the accommodation decision, and the reasons why the decision is being appealed. The appeal is to be sent to the following individual who will convene an appeal review committee and render a written decision, typically within 30 days.

  • For students seeking an appeal, submit your appeal to the Dean of Students, 344 Green Hall.
  • For faculty seeking an appeal, submit your appeal to the Provost & Dean of the College, 349 Green Hall
  • For staff seeking an appeal, submit your appeal to the Director of Human Resources, 136 Green Hall
  • For guests seeking an appeal, submit your appeal to the Assistant Vice President for Administration and Finance, Physical Plant.


The Appeal Review Committee will provide individuals and the Director of Disability Services an opportunity to present information useful to understanding the appeal. The Committee may decide to uphold the previous accommodation decision, support the appeal request, decide on an alternative, or decide that new information has been submitted which necessitates further review by the Director of Disability Services.