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A.B., Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges; M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., Yale University

Alison Hickey
Associate Professor of English

Main field of research is Romanticism; teaching interests center on English Romantic-period poetry.

My main field of research is Romanticism; my teaching interests center on English Romantic-period poetry and extend forwards in time to contemporary English, American, and Irish poetry and back as far as Shakespeare, Donne, Herbert, Marvell, and other 17th-century writers. I regularly teach Romantic Poetry, Victorian Poetry, and Writing 125/Critical Interpretation. From time to time, I make a foray into Comparative Literature (my own fondly-remembered undergraduate major). At the 300-level, I have taught Love, Sex, and Imagination in Romantic Poetry; Keats and Shelley; New Romantic Canons; Romantic Collaboration; Languages of Lyric; and Seamus Heaney.

I recently completed an essay on Wordsworth’s Prelude and Excursion for the forthcoming Cambridge History of English Poetry, edited by Michael O’Neill. Other scholarly publications include a book on Wordsworth (Impure Conceits, Stanford 1997) and critical articles on “Romantic collaboration,” defined broadly to include the many kinds of literary relationships--such as joint authorship, intertextual dialogue, parody, quotation, address, influence, editing, sharing, and plagiarism -- that manifest themselves in texts from the Romantic period.