The information on these Pre-Departure pages is intended for students already accepted to the program.  

Please read these pages carefully as they include important information on policies, procedures and forms required prior to your departure for France.  

Staff on the Wellesley Campus are available to answer your questions regarding the pre-departure process.

Wellesley-in-Aix Staff on the Wellesley College Campus

Scott Gunther is the Campus Director of the Wellesley-in-Aix program and Associate Professor of French in Wellesley's French department.  He is the liaison between program staff in Aix-en-Provence and Wellesley's French department.  Professor Gunther is a specialist of contemporary French culture and society.  His interests include the mass media, gender and sexuality, France's role in the European Union, Franco-American relations, Franco-German relations and comparative (French/American) law. 

Mireille McLaughlin is the Assistant Director of the Office of International Study and is responsible for the pre-departure administrative aspects of the program including visa advising and billing.  She also serves as the liaison between Wellesley College and off-campus students and their home universities.  Mireille spent her junior year abroad in France and has visited the Wellesley-in-Aix program.

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