Alberta Born-Weiss ’20

Alberta Born-Weiss
Alberta is a junior majoring in Peace and Justice Studies, with a self-designed concentration in Environmental, Economic and Social Sustainable Development in Latin America.

She is also pursuing a minor in Economics. As the recipient of the Peace and Justice Department’s Emily Greene Balch Grant, Alberta spent the summer of 2018 interning at an interdisciplinary artist/intellectual collective in Havana, Cuba, where she conducted a community diagnosis using participatory research methodologies founded in the principles of Popular Education. During the 2018-19 academic year, Alberta lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At the prestigious Universidad de Buenos Aires, she studied with Nobel Peace Prize winner Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, and participated in a seminar on Cultural Politics in which she designed and managed a community project at a cultural center in a vulnerable neighbourhood. She has advanced proficiency in both academic and conversational Spanish. On the Wellesley campus, Alberta has worked as a tutor for the Economics Department, as a Residential Advisor and as a Research Assistant for Sociologist Markella Rutherford’s study on the media’s construction of parenting in poverty. Alberta intends on working with a local development organization in Latin America upon graduation, before studying international human rights law.