Wintersession 2021

Rebuilding Global Institutions

The Albright Wintersession 2021 revolved around the theme of rebuilding global institutions. Fellows and Faculty reflected upon global institutions—where they currently stand, and where they stand to change. This year’s program explored the role of multilateralism, international organizations, the state of democracy, and the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Wintersession was redesigned for a virtual setting. During the first two weeks of Wintersession, the Albright Fellows attended classes with prominent speakers, including academics, alumnae practitioners, and thought leaders from outside organizations and around the globe. The Fellows worked in interdisciplinary groups to research and form perspectives on pressing international issues, culminating in an interactive Q&A session with the Institute’s Distinguished Visiting Professor.

The eight topical issues of the 2021 Wintersession were:

1. Management of the Northwest Passage

2. Expansion of the permanent members of the Security Council

3. Migration and protection for small island climate refugees

4. The Amazon rainforest as an international and national resource

5. Offshore piracy in the Horn of Africa

6. Management of space junk: prevention, process, and accountability

7. Fossil hunting in Central Asia: access, ownership, and preservation

8. Development and distribution of a malaria vaccine

This year’s Distinguished Visiting Professor was Susana Malcorra, former engineer, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship of the Argentine Republic (2017-2019), and current Dean of the IE School of Public and Global Affairs in Madrid, Spain. For our final webinar, Susana Malcorra was joined by Secretary Albright for a conversation on the future of international diplomacy.

This article has more on the ways the Albright Institute program was adapted to suit this unusual year.

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