Wintersession 2023

The Diplomat’s Toolbox: Making the World Safe for Democracy.

The Albright Wintersession 2023 was dedicated to the spirit and legacy of Secretary Madeleine Korbel Albright ’59 since her passing in March of 2022. The Albright Institute seeks to recognize her unwavering commitment to advancing democracy across the globe and reflect on the ways she worked toward that goal using her own diplomatic tools—her relationships, her empathy, and her principles. Fellows and Faculty reflected upon global institutions—where they currently stand, and where they stand to change. This year’s program explored the role of multilateralism, international organizations, and the state of democracy.

This January, marked the institute's return to an in-person curriculum for the first time since 2020. During the first two weeks of Wintersession, the Albright Fellows attended classes with prominent speakers, including academics, alumnae practitioners, and thought leaders from outside organizations and around the globe. The Fellows worked in interdisciplinary groups to research and form perspectives on pressing international issues, culminating in an interactive Q&A session with the Institute’s Distinguished Visiting Professor.

The eight topical issues of Wintersession 2023 were:

1. Pursuing transitional justice in Kosovo

2. Preventing sand smuggling in India

3. Securing digital sovereignty in Kenya

4. Protecting LGBTQI+ rights at the 2030 World Cup

5. Educating children of Ukrainian refugees in Moldova

6. Creating inclusive Indigenous collections in national museums

7. Modernizing the anti-money laundering regime in the United States

8. Financing "just energy transition partnerships" in Vietnam and Indonesia

This year’s Distinguished Visiting Professor was Marie L. Yovanovitch, former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine (2016-2019), the Republic of Armenia (2008- 2011) and the Kyrgyz Republic (2005-2008). For our final dialogue, Ambassador Yovanovitch was joined by Stacie Goddard for a conversation on current challenges to global democracy, her career as a diplomat, and how she remained committed to democratic values, even while caught in the midst of the first impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump.

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