Ashley Anderson ’21

Ashley Anderson
Ashley is a senior Davis Scholar majoring in English and Creative Writing with a minor in Anthropology.

Her thesis, a collection of short fiction and memoir, explores the motivations and experiences surrounding military enlistment, focusing on queer and women-centered narratives. As the 2018 Class of 1967 Intern at the Wellesley Centers for Women, Ashley researched the unique structural, institutional, and cultural factors that make women particularly vulnerable to sexual assault in the military. Prior to Wellesley, she served for six years as a Nuclear Electronics Technician in the United States Navy. She has backpacked alone in over 45 countries and has a working knowledge of Spanish. Her future goals involve completing an MFA program, continuing to write fiction and memoir, and teaching in higher education. Ashley is a staunch advocate for greater inclusion of veterans at elite colleges like Wellesley, one who strongly believes in using the power of narrative to increase understanding.