Charlotte Kaufman ’19

Charlotte Kaufman
Charlotte is a senior majoring in peace and justice studies with a concentration on migration.

Charlotte would like to explore the boundaries of empathy towards refugees in countries whose citizens have also been refugees. For two years, she worked as a research assistant doing fieldwork with undocumented Ecuadorian migrants and research on transnational labor unionism. This past summer, she worked at an organization called Safe Passage Project, which provides free legal services to undocumented youth in New York City. Prior to her junior year, Charlotte spent the academic year working for the UNHCR in Guayaquil, Ecuador and then embarked on a cross-country listening tour across the US to explore values and combat polarizing stereotypes right after Trump’s election. This was her second sabbatical year living and working in Ecuador and is now fluent in Spanish. Charlotte is also fluent in French after spending part of her childhood in France. She hopes to build on her language skills to work in Brazil post-grad with Haitian and Venezuelan refugees through an organization with a holistic model.