Genae Matthews ’19
Albright Fellow 2018

Genae Matthews
Genae is a junior majoring in philosophy with a focus in metaphysics and epistemology.

She is currently conducting an independent research project on the role that epistemic, cultural, and normative values play in scientific inquiry, specifically looking at the concepts of speciation and innateness as they are used in biological research. Genae is a student worker at the Clapp Library, a member of the El Table Cooperative, and Co-President of the Philosophy Club. During her time at the College, she has been both a News and Opinions Editor for the Wellesley News and contributing writer for the Wellesley Globalist. Genae is also a former pre-professional ballet dancer and is interested in how movement based artistic expression might provide epistemic access to sociocultural norms in ways that language cannot. Post graduation, Genae hopes to pursue a PhD in philosophy and find the Platonic forms.