Lily Herold ’22

Lily  Herold
Lily is a junior majoring in Environmental Studies and English.

Raised in Appalachia, a region shaped by fossil fuel extraction, Lily is interested in subverting the consumerist mentality that inspires environmental exploitation. In the summer of 2019, she interned at the New York State Department of Envirornmental Conservation, where she assisted in the revitalization of New York's recycling management plan. While interning remotely with the Paulson Initiative during the summer of 2020, she designed and built a cob oven. On campus, she works as an English department student assistant, Paulson intern, and strength instructor. She has previsouly volunteered at the Harvard Homeless shelter, performed with the CUPSI slam poetry team, and dabbled in theatrical pursuits. Lily hopes to find writing and/or public speaking-centric work that uplifts marginalized communities within the environmental justice movement, particularly in relation to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.