Mehak Sarang ’18
Albright Fellow 2017

Mehak Sarang
Mehak is a junior majoring in Physics with a minor in Philosophy with a focus on normative ethics and questions related to the law.

This summer, Mehak worked on developing the SeedKit (Science Education Equity Development Kit) in Ghana. While there, she worked with teachers, policy makers, and individuals in STEM NGOs to develop hands-on science experiments to teach STEM in low-resource environments. In the past, she interned at the Adler Planetarium developing a computational astronomy curriculum for students from the Chicago Public School system. On campus, she is co-president of Science Club for Girls and still actively involved with SeedKit. She has a working knowledge of Hindi and is proficient in Spanish. Mehak's goal for next summer is to continue exploring her interest in international STEM education either from a grassroots or policy level.