Regina Gallardo ’23

Regina Gallardo
Regina is a junior majoring in art history and Latin American studies from Mexico City and Miami.

During the summer of 2021, she was conducting independent research at the University of Chicago on the 20th century Peruvian Indigenistas’ interest in folk art and its connection to international art markets. On campus, Regina serves as an education assistant and student guide at the Davis Museum and is a Community Inclusion Facilitator at the Office of Intercultural Education. For the past year, she has been helping Prof. Hagimoto from the Spanish department on his research about transpacific encounters of Japanese culture and presence in Argentina. Regina is also the founder and Editor in Chief of Pentimento Wellesley’s first art world magazine. When she is not reading or writing about art, Regina enjoys reading modern Latin American literature and practicing her French. After Wellesley Regina is interested in pursuing a graduate degree in Art History to later engage in curatorial work in Latin American Art.