Sartu Taha ’16
Albright Fellow 2016

Sartu Taha
Sartu Taha is a senior double majoring in Spanish and Biology.

She is passionate about working with under-served communities to better understand and address health concerns stemming from an unequal distribution of social, economic, and environmental resources. For the past two summers, Sartu worked as an intern at clinics in Cape Town, South Africa and Cuzco, Peru. She gained clinical experience and was able to shadow doctors and nurses and assist with patient check ups.
On campus, Sartu is a member of the Wellesley African Student Association, Al-Muslimat and the Sustainability Cooperative. She works at El Table, an on campus, student run cooperative cafe and in a biology lab researching wing development in Oncopeltus fasciatus. After graduation, Sartu hopes to pursue a career in public health.