Stephanie Kim ’18
Albright Fellow 2017

Stephanie Kim
Stephanie is a junior majoring in Biochemistry at Wellesley with an interest in primary care and public health policy.

In the Fall of 2016, Stephanie spent a semester abroad in Germany where she studied socialized medicine and the different approaches to healthcare and welfare around the world. During that time, Stephanie interned at a private nephrology clinic and visited the World Health Organization in Geneva to learn more about the dimensions of international public health. At Wellesley, Stephanie is a coxswain on the varsity rowing team and a student teacher at the Child Study Center. She also conducts biochemistry research in the Darling Lab which aims to characterize the mechanism of interaction between cardiac ion channels that contribute to sudden cardiac death. Over the past two summers, Stephanie continued this research, gaining experience with various molecular biology and biochemical techniques. Upon graduation, Stephanie plans on working abroad to practice her French and Spanish skills in a professional setting before pursuing a joint MD/MPH degree.