Zoe Moyer ’15
Albright Fellow 2015

Zoe Moyer
A pioneer at heart, Zoe has spent her tenure at Wellesley double majoring in the disparate topics of biochemistry and French cultural studies, for which she has a concentration in Africana studies.

Her laboratory work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and her studies abroad in Madagascar and France, in particular, have honed her professional interests and capabilities in biomedical engineering research, medical anthropology, and international health. A creator and refiner of involved projects, Zoe has expanded on these foci by running several related on-campus initiatives. In so doing, she has raised campus awareness about poverty and food sustainability as a senator on College Government and as a resident of the Sustainability Cooperative house, improved Wellesleyan mental and physical wellness as president of the Wellesley Outing Club and as the Balanced Heath Educator manager for an eight-week Happiness Challenge, and addressed science student needs and concerns as president of the Biology and Biological Chemistry Club and as a student representative to the Chemistry, Biology, and Biochemistry Departments. In her spare time, Zoe enjoys talking to patients at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, where she has volunteered since 2012, reading about leadership development and psychology, and editing her chemistry professor’s papers for publication. Following her graduation, Zoe hopes to work aboard in international health before pursuing her MD/PhD in 2016.