I think the only way to truly be a "global citizen" is to trace and experience other cultures...the internship I did abroad prepared me to be a global citizen by allowing me to work alongside people from a range of nationalities. —Albright Fellow '14

Recognition of the value of experiential learning is at the heart of the Albright Institute’s mission. Albright Fellows are fully funded to participate in internships where they can apply what they have learned in the classroom in a real world setting. Some of these internships are self-identified, while others are reserved annually for Albright Fellows. The Albright Institute also manages a number of international internships open to any Wellesley College student. 

Albright Reserved Internships (internships open only to Albright Fellows) include:

Other Albright Managed Internships (internships open to any Wellesley College student):

Recent Places Albright Fellows Have Interned: 

Read more about our Albright Fellows internship experiences through the Alternative Tanner Presentations website. 

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