As the final component of the Institute, the Albright Fellows present at the annual Tanner Conference about their summer internship experiences.  

At the 2013 Tanner Conference on October 29, 2013, the Albright Fellows gave the following presentations about their internship experiences. 


Public Spaces and Gender Perspectives: A Summer at the UNDP Costa Rica, Nancy Negrete ’14, Political Science and Latin American Studies

Building Sustainable Communities in Greater Bangalore, Mayrah W. Udvardi ’14, Environmental Studies and Architecture

Tackling Inequality in Quality: Examining and Overcoming Disparities in Commuity Health (Panel), Dhivya Perumal ’14, Neuroscience

Public-Private Partnerships for Health and Education, Prerana Nanda ’14, Economics and Crystal S. Myung ’14, Spanish and Political Science

Whatever You Do, Don’t Touch the Price of Bread, Emma C. Smith ’14, Economics and Middle Eastern Studies

Women’s Foreign Policy Group: Amplifying Women’s Voices on Global Affairs,  Kelsey N. Heroux ’14, Sociology

Women on Wall Street (Panel), Ana S. Plascencia Casillas ’14, Economics and Political Science

There’s Humanity in Numbers: Lessons from the U.S. Consulate General in Guangzhou, China, Audrey M. Wozniak ’14, Music and East Asian Studies

Affordable, Scalable, and World-Class: An Educational Model Bringing Opportunity to South African Communities, Margaret C. West ’14, German Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies

Wellesley in Finance: Navigating a Boiler Room (Panel), Cherry Y. Shen ’14, Economics

Co-housing: Bringing Back the Traditional Sense of Neighborhood, Sundus I. Al-Bayati ’14, Architecture

We Developed, but Did We Grow?: The Power of Relationships and Community-Building in Development Work, Jennifer Gu ’14, Political Science

The Politics of the Press Department at the Clinton Foundation, Sarah N. Mahmood ’14, Political Science

International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia: War Criminals in the International Limelight, Nora E. Mishanec ’14, Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences and Psychology

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty: From Propaganda to Journalism and Beyond, Ana Lomtadze ’14, Cinema and Media Studies and Political Science

From Wellesley to C Street: Summer at the U.S. Department of State, Safaya A. Fawzi ’14, Political Science

Projects, Partnerships, Pushed Boundaries: My Global Affairs Internship in Washington, Oluwakeni L. Akin-Olugbade ’14, French and Psychology

Inside the National Economic Council: What It’s Really Like to Work for the President, Emma L. Rackstraw ’14, International Relations – Economics

Filling the Gap: The Role of Nonprofits in the Dominican Education System, Mabelly Guerrero ’14, Neuroscience

Supporting Cancer Research at the National  Cancer Institute with Computational Solutions, Tricia C. Lu ’14, Biological Sciences