Wellesley Engineering Team

Wellesley Engineering Team


Amy Banzaert

Visiting Lecturer in Engineering

Amy Banzaert is focused on building Wellesley's engineering program.  The founder of We-Lab, she teaches introductory engineering classes, and advises students interested in engineering-related careers in conjunction with Class Dean Jennifer Stephan.




Jennifer Stephan

Class Dean

Jennifer Stephan advises all Wellesley students who are interested in engineering, whether they are considering engineering for graduate school, enrolling in a dual degree program with Olin or MIT, pursuing the Olin Engineering Certificate, or otherwise exploring how their education can have an engineering focus.




Robbie Berg

Professor of Physics

Ted Ducas

Professor of Physics

Lyn Turbak        Associate Professor of Computer Science

Robbie Berg, Ted Ducas, and Lyn Turbak form Wellesley's Engineering Advisory Committee.  As a team, they were instrumental in creating Wellesley's first engineering class and building Wellesley's connections with Olin College and MIT. They are active in supporting the work of We-Lab and advising students interested in engineering.



Interested in opportunities at Olin College?  Along with talking to at least one of us above, reach out to Prof. Jean Huang, who is a Wellesley alumna and the Olin liaison for Wellesley students. 


Contact Us

Wellesley College Engineering
Science Center L024
Amy Banzaert
Lecturer in Engineering
Tel: 781.283.3756


Interested in Engineering?

You're not alone.

Each academic year approximately...


60 students are in the Wellesley Engineering Community Google group;


40 students take an engineering-related class at Wellesley;
10 students take engineering-related classes at Olin or MIT;
1-3 students pursue a graduate degree in engineering, after receiving a Wellesley degree in a science discipline;
0-1 receive the engineering certificate from Olin;
0-1 receive a dual degree with Olin College; and
0-2 students enroll in the dual degree with MIT -- and around 6 dual degrees have been granted in the past decade.
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