The opportunities to explore engineering at Wellesley are rich and varied.

  • We-Lab offers a suite of introductory engineering courses with few pre-requisites for students interested in adding a technical component to their liberal arts education or preparing for further engineering study.  
  • Cross-register for engineering classes at Olin College (particularly relevant classes) and MIT (particularly relevant classes). 
  • The Wellesley Engineering Society provides opportunities for students to participate in engineering activities outside of the classroom. 
  • The Wellesley engineering seminar series provides about two events per semester to learn a bit more about cutting-edge engineering research and associated careers.
  • Volunteer and paid student positions for research and engineering program development are frequently available through We-Lab.
  • Certificate programs are offered in engineering from Olin, in sustainability through the Babson-Olin-Wellesley Three-College Collaboration, and in engineering leadership through the Bernard M. Gordon MIT Engineering Leadership (GEL) Program
  • Double degree programs are offered with Olin College and MIT.  

For all of these opportunities, review the engineering page from the class deans for additional details and advice.