English Department/Writing Program Internships: Summer 2015

The English Department and the Writing Program are happy to announce six sponsored internships for the summer of 2015. Each 10-week, full-time internship carries a stipend of $3,500.  Students may apply for more than one internship, but should indicate their first choice and notice the locations and difference of emphasis between them.  Completed applications will be due Monday, March 2, 2015, at noon.





Editorial Internship at AGNI Magazine. 

AGNI is a prize-winning literary journal, published at Boston University. It features fiction, poetry, and essays by both established and new writers. The intern should have strong reading, writing, and computer skills to assist in nearly every aspect of magazine publishing in this small office. Open to current sophomores and juniors.









Editorial Internship at Slate.

Slate is the nation's leading electronic magazine, featuring articles concerning political, cultural, legal, and social issues on a daily basis. This internship will be located in Slate’s Washington D.C. office. The intern’s responsibilities will include: research and fact checking, with writing opportunities available, depending on demonstrated skills. Applicants should be prepared to work in a dynamic, fast-moving environment. Open to current juniors and seniors.




Editorial Internship at Kneerim, Williams & Bloom Literary Agency

Kneerim and Williams is a distinguished literary agency, assisting both established and new authors of fiction and non-fiction attain publication of book manuscripts. The internship will take place in the Boston office, and includes substantial reviewing of submissions and proposals, assistance in outreach for new projects, and other aspects of the work of the small office. In addition to strong reading and writing skills, applicants should show familiarity and interest in contemporary writing. Open to current sophomores, juniors, and seniors.




Editorial Internship at Library of America.

The Library of America publishes beautifully edited and produced volumes of classic American writers. The internship will take place in the small New York office, and will include research in support of individual volumes, social and media outreach, and work on the Library’s websites. Applicants should have strong library and computer skills. Open to current sophomores, juniors, and seniors.



NEW! Radio Broadcasting Internship at On the Media.”

"On the Media" is a distinguished National Public Radio program, broadcast weekly from the studio in New York City. This weekly hourlong analysis of news and media developments airs on WBUR, Saturdays at 1 P.M. The programs cover a broad range of political, cultural, and technological events. The internship will include research, editing, and assistance to production staff with the possible opportunity to plan a program. No previous broadcast experience is required, beyond familiarity with the program and demonstrated interest in its concern with media. Applicants should show strong research, analytic and writing skills. Open to current juniors and seniors.


NEW! Editorial Internship at Maven Pictures

Maven Pictures is a successful film development and production company in New York City. The internship mainly involves reading and judging submissions and proposals for new screenplays, with some assistance to office staff. In addition to strong reading and writing skills, applicants should show an active interest in cinema and screenwriting. Open to current sophomores, juniors, and seniors.