2014 English Department Prize Winners

Congratulations to the 2014 English Department Prize Winners!

The Academy of American Poets University & College Poetry Prize

1st Place (tie): Emilie Menzel, '14, Clementine: Collection of Poems

1st Place (tie): Jeni Prater, '14, December 6: Collection of Poems

1st Place (tie): Wendy Chen, '14, They Sail Across the Mirrored Sea


The Florence Annette Wing Prize in English

1st Place:  Emilie Menzel, '14, "Haircut"

2nd Place:  Ashley Porras, '14, "Waxing I-VI"

3rd Place:  Nicole Tay, '14, "Let Me Get This Straight"


The Virginia Wainwright Sonnet Prize

1st Place:  Emily Frisella, '16, "Hospital Sonnet"

 2nd Place:  Celina Reynes, '16, "Different Trees” 


The Jacqueline Award in English Composition

Winner:  Sruthi Narayanan, '14, "The Eyes of a God"


The Johanna Mankiewicz Davis Prize for Prose Fiction

Winner: Shanzeh Asif, '15, "Zahid”


The Agnes F. Perkins Prize for Prose

1st Place (tie): Emma Page, '16, "Roscones" (a translation of "Noche de Reyes” by Rose Montero)

1st Place (tie): Broti Gupta, '16, "Putin and the Ghost: An Improv Guide for Life"


The Mary Ann Youngren Memorial Award in Critical Reading

1st Place:  Elisabetta Pellegrino, '15, "Seamus Heaney, 'The Strand at Lough Beg'" 

2nd Place:  Emily Frisella, '16, "'Ariel,' Sylvia Plath's Charge into the Future" 

3rd Place:  Chelsea Ennen, '14, "Leaving Las Vegas: George Eliot's Gamblers and Benefitting from Someone Else's Loss"

Honorable Mention:  Thai Matthews, '14, "A War By Any Other Name" 


The Charlotte Paul Reese ‘38 Memorial Prize for Creativity in Writing

1st Place: Wendy Chen, '14, They Sail Across the Mirrored Sea

2nd  Place (tie): Lucie Lozinski, '14, "A Wave Too Big"

2nd  Place (tie):  Claire Shiplett, '14, "Crickets" 

3rd Place:  Samantha Burke, '14, The Lady with the Dog (screenplay adaptation of the Chekhov story)


The Mary C. Lyons Prize for Writing

1st Prize:  Lucie Lozinski, '14, "The New Tour Bus"  

2nd Prize:  Nicole Tay, '14, "Africa Online: Google's Plan to Wirelessly Connect the African Continent"

3rd Place:   Christine Campbell, '14, "The Band Is Dead"