Advising Day Information

Advising Information

The centerpiece of our advising efforts is to allow you to bring your questions about academic choices and opportunities to the many academic departments and programs on campus. 

Academic Departmental Advising

On (2016 date/time/location TBA), you can Meet the Experts as faculty from each department and program will be available for consultation.  This is your main opportunity to talk with faculty about the details of your emerging study plans.  You should spend some time looking over the schedule and choosing what departments you want to visit, planning your time accordingly.  Many of you will want to visit the large departments to get information about good starting points and requirements, but as you do that, also check out the program at the next table that you may not be familiar with. Don’t feel you must talk to each department, but do plan to walk through the Academic Quad to see what is available.  Follow this link for listings of the departments and programs that will be present.  

Individual Advising

Then, on (2016 date/time/location TBA) many faculty advisors are available to meet their advisees; students should contact their advisors by email to make these specific arrangements.  Students whose advisors are not available during orientation are welcome to head to Advising Central in the Clapp Library to meet deans and student leaders who are ready to help you with your questions about fall courses and registration.

Other Academic Programs

Information and advising about related your education to a career in the broad field of health care will be offered at the Pre-Health Information Session, on (2016 date/time/location TBA)
Many Wellesley students pursue careers in Education or find the offerings of our Education Department very appealing.  In addition to being part of the Ask the Experts event on Thursday morning, members of the Education Department will be available for conversation and advice during Advising Central, from (2016 date/time/location TBA) . 
In addition to Advising Day, there are other opportunities for academic guidance during orientation, and you should plan to take advantage of these.  Part of our programming on Tuesday morning is an introduction to the Academic Peer Tutors in your residence halls.  Academic Peer Tutors are student leaders trained to help you get started with your academic career here, and to know the answers to many of your  questions.  The Tuesday meeting is designed to give you an overview of how to make use of the full array of academic resources we have during Orientation.   Tuesday afternoon will also feature faculty members welcoming you to Wellesley and giving you their perspective on important parts of your academic experience. 
Computing is an essential part of academic life, and you will have several chances to learn abut computing at Wellesley, beginning at move in and continuing through the week.  If you are having trouble getting connected, there will be help available from Library and Technology Services staff throughout the week; ask your FYM if you are not sure where to go.  
Many of you will be taking placement exams on (2016 date/time/location TBA) .  These are good chances to ask questions about these fields, and your specific options.  The faculty members giving these tests are there to help you make decisions about whether their courses will be good for you, so talk to them about that before and after the tests.  
Another opportunity for guidance will be the Choosing Courses 101 program on (2016 date/time/location TBA) .  First-Year Dean Lori Tenser, Director of Advising John O’Keefe and upper-class students will provide some basic guidance about how to get started in making good first choices.  If you are feeling a little overwhelmed by the array of course offerings or by the unfamiliarity of the programs Wellesley offers, this is the program for you!
On Thursday evening, your residence hall Academic Peer Tutor will hold drop in office hours from 6:30-7:30 (confirm) in your living room, to help with any last questions about building your fall schedule and the mechanics of the registration process.